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Things to remember

  • Masks to be worn in the corridors leading to the rehearsal hall and until seated and playing.

  • We will orientate ourselves the other way in the hall, using the length rather than width so that we can spread out

  • We hope to have seats labelled so please find your seats efficiently and keep your distance from each other when you are indoors.

  • Windows can’t be opened but the doors (including an external door) can be left open for ventilation.  (Bear in mind that the weather will be getting colder!)  You may want to bring pegs for your music though I’m really not sure how much of a breeze we will get in.

  • We are not allowed to serve drinks, and indeed there won’t be an interval, so you may like to bring your own refreshments.

  • There can’t be any sharing of music.

  • There will be a register by the door as you come in, so it is important that you sign this for track and trace purposes and please make sure your contact details are up to date.


And finally, a bespoke one for recorder players…

  • Please could you make sure you have some sort of cloth with you to catch the droplets if you need to blow out your recorder when it becomes clogged.  Either that, or give it a good suck!

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